A little about us part 2 05.06.16

Hiya Internet!

I’m the other half of this friendship duo, and like T I’m also 20 and dealing with the awkward and confusing stage of being a young adult with less autonomy than I want but more autonomy than I can handle. Get the confusion there? Yeah neither do I, but that’s basically what this blog is about; a way to share a little bit of our midlife experience in the hopes that we will figure it out and maybe even (although this might be over-reaching a tad) helping some fellow readers. We have no real agenda other than that but know that everything that we write about is true and honest. We may have to change a few names and obvious locations as this is the Internet after all! These experiences can be awful sometimes but also amazing and exciting. While we still ultimately go through the awful moments that any young adult has our experience is completely unique from to each other’s; yet they still basically do the same thing which is contribute to what we call our quarter life crisis.


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